About Technology Twente

The triathlon is unique because an athlete has to deliver an exceptional performance in swimming, cycling and running. In order to win, they have to find the right balance between these three totally different disciplines in which they have to be able to perform consistently and evenly. Although the world champion in cycling may dominate in this particular discipline, the other two disciplines will ensure they will not win the competition. Technology Twente is very similar to the triathlon athlete, as we are able to strike the right balance between our disciplines – speed, numbers and quality – matching your unique requirements. This is why, as an all-rounder, we are the perfect partner for our clients in demanding markets such as the semiconductor industry and aviation and aerospace, as we are able to respond to all their demands and challenges.

Technology Twente is part of the Micro Machining Group, a group of suppliers of complex precision mechanical components and assemblies. Within this group, Technology Twente occupies a special position. Where the other companies absolutely excel in an element such as speed, numbers or quality, Technology Twente is capable of bringing together all three factors. Partly for this reason, we are in almost all cases, the perfect partner able to respond to nearly all the demands and challenges of our clients, who are generally from challenging markets such as the semiconductor industry and aviation and aerospace.

How can we contribute to your next great advance?

Unique specialisation

You only notice how unique this all-round specialisation is when you require it and turn to us. In fact, Technology Twente is at its best when, in conjunction with you, we push ourselves to the very limits of our possibilities and production processes and learn from this. By already involving us in the development phase, you can draw on our many years of expertise, and we are able to quickly determine the right balance between quality, speed and scale that best fits in with your requirement or product request.

Technology Twente is continually developing its organisation. It is a matter of course that we have the latest certifications. Our machinery and production capabilities easily meet the benchmark within the market and, where necessary, we invest in new opportunities. So, the bottom line is that we adapt to your requirements, and not the other way around.

Using our sophisticated machinery in Hengelo, Technology Twente supplies complex precision mechanical components, specialising in the machining of a wide range of materials. Our experienced professionals and production facilities comply with all legal standards and have all the certificates required in order to supply to a broad range of markets. You will be able to read more about these markets on the markets page.